Awareness in itself is healing. (Fritz Perls)

Can you imagine a space that gives all the answers you always longed for?

A place with so much hidden knowledge yet full of meaning?

What if that spot is all within?

Own Path

My name is Adina (Adien) Ciocoiu (she/her) and since September 2021 I’m following the Gestalt Threapist training with the Dutch Institute for Gestalt Psychotherapy .

I encountered Gestalt Therapy in my own personal psychotherapeutic process and it provided me with a deeper understanding of the past and new perspectives in the present. In this training, I’m exploring the qualities of parental relationships and their effect on the child’s development.

Same as libraries hold resources that when accessed add value to specific research, the human mind holds opportunities to unlock perspectives and to empower new approaches for life. Using Gestalt therapy techniques I am offering starting Autumn 2023, counselling and support to those looking to overcome challenging emotional experiences. To me, change happens when there’s space for committed presence that allows new layers of awareness to emerge, here and now.

Contact is made in any actual present situation, the only moment in which experience and change are possible.

Whenever we think and talk of the past, our memories, regrets, resentments, grief, or nostalgia occur and are relevant right here and now, in the present. Whenever we talk about the future, we are fantasizing, planning, hoping, expecting, conspiring, looking forward to or dreading from where we are here and now, in the present situation.

Gestalt therapy is an existential, experiential and experimental approach which takes bearings from what is, not from what has been or what should be. No interpretation is necessary as we work with what is available in the actual present awarenss [..] and what becomes possible to experiment with through this ever-increasing awarenss.

(Laura Perls)

With love

This webpage was launched and promoted in the Summer of 2022. If you’re here led by the flyer below, please be aware that I decided to postpone the start of the Gestalt coaching/counselling sessions to Autumn 2023.

However if you feel like getting in touch until then, or are interested to know more about the Gestalt counselling sessions, I warmly invite you to get in touch with me at or to follow my personal development and learning journey on IG: library.within. I am commited to support you in your inner explorations and in the discovery of new horizons for your personal life journey.

Please note that the information provided above is part of a learning process and may be adjusted or updated as I progress with my studies.

This webpage was last updated in February 2023.